CONFLEX Spreadsheet Manual


CONFLEX Spreadsheet allows you to summarize the output from a computational chemistry program into a table format. Also, it allows you to perform simple mathematical processing on the summarized numerical values.
This helps in the post-processing of calculations because it eliminates the need to manually extract numerical data from log files. The program can also be linked to other spreadsheet applications, so it can help you perform more advanced analysis with other applications.

Spreadsheet Features

    Supported File Format

    • CONFLEX SDF format
    • CONFLEX CIF format
    • Gaussian FChk format

    Data Processing

    • Select the desired data in the loaded file and insert it into the cell
    • Formula processing using constants and functions for numbers in cells

    Integration with external applications:

    • Exporting a project in Excel format
    • Copy & Paste selected cells
CONFLEX Spreadsheet